Remembering to Smile

Currently, I’m in the middle of reading Half the Sky- turning oppression into opportunity for women worldwide.  Obviously, the book is heavy is so many places.  So much so, that I had to interrupt my reading of Half the Sky with  A Practical Wedding to cheer myself up a bit.  This morning, as I was reading, I was struck just by how amazing the human character was created.  They say that laughter is an amazing medicine, and sometimes, when we are at our darkest moments, we don’t think we’ll laugh again.  But as I looked at a picture of a woman who was diagnosed HIV positive, after her forced prostitution in a brothel  in India.  To most (and I’m sure to her to) we would see this as such a death sentence and have a hard time coping with life.  It’s hard not to feel sad, to feel pity, to feel hopeless for her.  And yet, in this picture, she has one of the most beautiful smiles on her face.  It strikes me as so hopeful.

Some days, you just need to smile, regardless of what life is throwing at you.  And the fact that we can smile, makes everything even that much better. Even in our darkest moments, the gift of being able to smile, laugh, crack a joke, or whatever way we express our joy is such a gift.  I’m thankful this morning for that woman reminding me just how lucky we are.



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