Becoming an Aunt

While I’ve been an “aunt” to my best friend’s little girl and baby boy for a few years, I haven’t yet, had the opportunity to officially be an Aunt with the big capital “A”.   Aside from loving Schatz with my whole heart and being excited to be a wife to him and mom to our future children, I’m super excited to be a little boy’s Aunt.  What’s interesting is my nickname from my college friends, and J’s (my soon to be Nephew) are practically the same.  It’s the reason Schatz clicked on my profile when we were both up on OkCupid!.   He’s an adorable little boy and already really smart.  He loves his puppy dogs and mine.  When I get on the phone with him, one of the first questions he asks is how my Zoey is doing.

I can’t wait until he’s just a bit older, because he’s going to be so fun to take on new adventures and help him to discover new tools.  He’s already promised me a repeat water fight in the pool this summer.
There is nothing like a four year old to make a pool a better place!   They also make Christmas shopping way more fun (until Schatz tries to highjack J’s toys as his own- every grown man is a kid at heart, isn’t he?). Either way, I’m looking forward to BlogHer12 even more this year in hopes of bringing home even more cool stuff for J to enjoy!

What do you think?

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