Walking the Pup and each other

So this weekend was chock full of stuff to do.  Schatz and I started Friday evening with dinner and taking Zoey on a walk at a local trail.  I’m thinking it was roughly 2 mile walk (that’s what I’d like to think in my head- but I need to take something next time).   Zoey is a funny little pup- she won’t walk in our neighborhood, so we have to load her  up in the car and drive her to the park.

What I’m sure Zoey is thinking whenever we’re in the car. Found on Pinterest

The entire time driving there- she’s looking at me like the picture to the left(except I tend to think she’s much cuter).  So we get to the park and have ourselves a nice little walk.  I’m overweight, and for most of my life I’ve been healthily overweight.  I have great Blood Pressure, never had any trouble with other health issues (cholesterol, etc) and more.  Schatz, however, recently left his job at the hospital that kept him walking all over that place to start a job where he won’t be quite as mobile.  So in an effort to keep us both healthy, it’s my goal to get us walking more often.  It’ll be good for Zoey too, especially as we get closer to transitioning to Schatz and I living together and taking her away from her other puppy buddies that she plays with all day.

So with that said, I’m in search of a great app that I can put on my phone for these walks. I want to give us a chance to figure out what we’re doing (how far we’re walking and other trail information) in case we decide to make this some sort of hobby or something…

What do you think?

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