The Host- Book Review

The Host (The Host, #1)The Host by Stephenie Meyer

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received this book at the BlogHer12 convention. And while it was originally on my books to read, I kind of had gotten over the whole Stephenie Meyer thing, so it was on my list of maybe someday when I’m really bored. Well, I wasn’t really bored, but a free book and time to read it while traveling home, meant that I was going to start this book.

The concept is intriguing- body snatchers take over Earth. Body snatcher get’s a reverse Stockholm Syndrome. And in the end, I felt like I got a bit of Stockholm Syndrome. I ended up liking the body snatcher way more than I liked her human host. And let’s be honest, that’s a lot like reading a Stephanie Meyer book.

You like the concept, but you’re held hostage by the ridiculous logic and forced plot development of Meyers. I’m one of those people who can rarely (if ever) put a book down once I’ve started, so I had to finish the book. Just like I had to finish the Twilight Series- which was intriguing to a point. And then, you get to a point where you feel Stephenie Meyer’s main purpose is to prove just how virtuous and clever she thinks she is (where the end of the book almost feels like a complete rip-off in spirit of the end of the Twilight books), even while writing Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

So why then, if I have so much disdain for her writing, would I give her 3 stars? Probably, because at the end of the day, I like her ideas. I like the concept of these “parasites” and the stories of their lives. There’s a great concept deep in the heart of this book, as with Twilight, that gets lost under the weight of a lack of good editing and an innate need to always tie things up in a pretty little package that she thinks will fulfill a fairy tale happy ending.

Overall, a not horrible read to let your mind wander (especially in the summer with nothing to loose) into a different world idea as long as you understand whose book you are reading.

Edited from the original Good Read’s review- This book was given at BlogHer12 as part of a promotion for the movie.  I’ll probably end up going to the movie, because again- I like the concepts that Stephanie Meyer’s introducing in these worlds she creates.  It’s just her overall story telling that I get a little weary of.  Thanks for the book.

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