Wine Friday: Stone Hill Winery- Pink Catawba

I’ve been a little behind on my Friday Wine Reviews. Mostly, this is due to the unfortunate circumstance of travel.   Well, it’s a nice weekend, nice enough that I may plan a picnic for Schatz and I.  And I think I may pack this along (which may limit where we can actually go for our Picnic-may just have to be in the orchard). We recently introduced this wine to Schatz’s Uncle T. and he literally drank his first glass before I had poured the others’ glasses.   He was not a wine drinker before our most recent weekend at their place in N. Wisconsin, but we’ve converted them, and this wine was his gateway drug.

Winery: Stone Hill Winery

About the Winery- Stone Hill Winery, at one point was the 2nd largest winery in the United States. Before Prohibition (which decimated the Missouri wine industry-which is just now recovering), Missouri was one of the foremost wine growing regions in the US.  Wines from this region often won Gold Medals in wine competitions in Europe.  This isn’t a winery to sniff your nose at.

Region: Missouri (Midwest, USA)

Cost: $8-$12 in store; Online- $7.99

Varietal: Pink Catawba Grape and a small amount of American/European Hybrid White Grapes

Winery’s Description:

The fruity Catawba grape is the primary variety in the blend, with some white European-American hybrid grapes blended in. It is cold fermented to retain the fresh fruit aromas and flavors.

What the Geek Gal thinks: I’m a fan of native American grapes. Maybe it’s because they are some of the first wines I tried, or maybe it’s because I like their unique flavor- the way they taste much more similar to eating a freshly picked grape off the vine.  Again, I’m attracted to their slight musky (or foxy) flavor and the body of the wine.  It’s going to be a little sweet for some but others will find that it’s a nice wine for a summer afternoon.  The fruity aspects of this wine, veer enough away from berry to appease Schatz’s dislike for berry flavors, while still remaining away from the light citrus notes of a traditional white wine that can sometimes be too crisp for drinking on their own. It’s great paired with cheese and fruit.  I personally love it as a wine to sip while chatting with friends and family who may be reluctant to give wine a shot.

4 thoughts on “Wine Friday: Stone Hill Winery- Pink Catawba

    • It is always acceptable :)- Especially if you are getting an early start to your weekend. This is actually a great wine for just that. It doesn’t need to have anything with it to be enjoyable.

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