Maty’s Healthy Products- Review

I woke up the first official day of BlogHer12 with a sore throat.  Considering the drought in the midwest, my allergies hadn’t been extremely bad.  They had mostly been giving me headaches, but because of how dry it had been, I hadn’t had to suffer much post nasal drip.  But the minute I got out to NYC and the extreme humidity, my nose started to act up in a very familiar way.

After a Thursday packed full of chatting, I knew my throat was already going to give me problems, but luckily I remember that I thought I had heard Hall’s cough drops were going to be at some booth.  So, before any of the sessions started, I ran to the expo hall, in search of some cough drops to ease my throat.  I made contact with a few brand booths, and one of them was Maty’s.

Bob Harrington, the Co-Founder of Maty’s, caught my eye, and so I stopped to talk.  He told me all about the company’s history:

Desperate to help my little girl, I devoted my time to finding natural remedies that would help her get and stay healthy. Along the way, I uncovered many traditional natural remedies that were no longer widely used. I began to apply modern knowledge of nature’s healing agents to the age old remedies I was discovering. They became very popular with family and friends.  Quote from:

While I loved hearing their story, I was still in search of cough drops.  I tried to politely excuse myself, mentioning that I would come back by, because I was very interested in his company, but only had a few short minutes to find something to make my throat feel better.

CoughSyrupLrg4courtesy of

And that’s when he offered me their All Natural Cough Syrup.  He advised me to take a teaspoon, or a swig (which is what he typically did) and that I should feel better not too long after.  I had a session to get to, so I gratefully accepted the product.  However, I didn’t find private time to take it myself, until a little later in the day.  I had a few minutes in the bathroom at the Hilton before lunch, and I decided to take a swig of the syrup.

My first impression was a little mixed.  Hmmm, it tasted different.  Not quite bad, but not quite good either.  The honey base of the syrup was overpowered by the apple cider vinegar.  But I choked it down, not quite minding it as much as I would the nasty purple NyQuil flavor.  And since it was natural, it didn’t scare me the way allergy medicines tend to lately (they have made me have troubles sleeping, and typically make my allergy symptoms worse).  I went to the luncheon, noticing the scratchy feeling in my throat was feeling better, but I attributed that primarily to the honey coating it.

As the day went on my throat started to itch again (a few hours after I took the first dose).  I had the chance to go back to my room to rest up a bit, before the rest of the afternoon.  Back in my room I took a nice big dose (the actual recommended dose) and got on with the rest of my night.

The next morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find my throat feeling significantly better.  In fact, it didn’t really hurt much at all.
I have to hand it to the folks at Maty’s.  They’ve created a solid, natural product, completely produced in the USA.  The ingredients all make sense, to soothe a sore throat, if you know anything about homeopathic remedies.  They make no claim that this is a wonder drug.  Nor should it be seen as such. Instead, they use natural ingredients that have a tradition of soothing and helping support natural healing in individuals.

While I still have to get over the taste a bit, it’s probably the first cough syrup I’d turn to while sick, especially since I normally avoid cough syrups when at all possible. I definitely would purchase this product again for myself and my loved ones.

Maty’s can be found at many major retailers, as well as via Amazon. You can also buy via their site:
Review Notes- While  I am very grateful for the bottle they gave me at BlogHer12 to help my sore throat, this review is not sponsored or compensated in any fashion.

6 thoughts on “Maty’s Healthy Products- Review

  1. I loooove Maty’s! We have all of their products – the vapor rub is great too. I really like being able to use the chest rub on my son without worrying, because it’s all natural. I was so excited to see them at BlogHer and be able to say hi! Glad it worked for you.

  2. I have some sitting on my nightstand too (the vapor rub). Just haven’t had a chance to give it a shot yet. But the won me over when they mentioned it was petroleum free.

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