My New Apple TV & The Slow Churned SocialLuxe Lounge

I was very lucky to get an open invite invitation to the Slow Churned SocialLuxe Lounge.  And really, I was just looking forward to attending what I had heard was a great party, with one of my friends, B.

After waiting forever for a cab,  we made it to the party.  And what to our wondering eyes should appear, but a red carpet and props to adhere… (okay bad attempt at humor).   Not only was it a blast getting to take a picture on a “Red Carpet” complete with backdrop of sponsors and everything, but the boa and fedora got me pumped for the upcoming party.

I know you’re jealous of the boa and fedora.  Jealous though you may be, trust me- not my most flattering look.

The party got started after checking in, and B and I got right down to the first point of business- drinks.  We headed to the bar and redeemed our drink ticket for a nice glass of wine to get the party started.  And I booked it upstairs, since I was looking forward to the pampering that was promised and a great view of the dance floor (because most of the time I’d rather watch than dance). I have to say the ladies from SocialLuxe Lounge did an amazing job of putting this party together.  It was fun, plenty of room to get talking to people and still allow dancing, as well as some great brands represented.  The Edy’s/Dryer’s Ice Cream was delicious (Mint Chocolate Chip for the win).

After talking with the awesome guy with Unreal Candy (which I’m sure I’ll talk about soon enough), B and I got our makeup done.  After getting our makeup done, The Netflix team was going on about some giveaway contest on Twitter.  Well, my history with Netflix is a complicated story, fraught with mistrust at some of their more questionable marketing moves(remember flixster , I mean Qwikster). It wasn’t that I didn’t love Netflix, but the decisions they were making and my budget at the time, just made it necessary for me to quit my Netflix addiction.

However, I was waiting for B to get back with another drink, so I entered the contest- tweeting the answer  and thinking there was no way I’d win:

While trying to take a look at my twitter feed (to see if anyone else I knew was entering the contest) I noticed I had been HACKED.  I was apparently, trying to hock some product or another while partying down in NYC.  Who knew I was so talented?

So I start to manually log into twitter from the non-mobile site, to reset my password as quickly as possible, and I hear:

“Bwah, bwah, bwah, bwah Geek Gal won”…. And all went silent.  Well not really, just for me.  “That’s me,” I yelled from upstairs, behind the stage. I had to yell it a second time, since I didn’t anticipate the music.  I scurried down the stairs without falling -not a bad accomplishment since I rarely wear heels-

Apparently, I had won not only a Netflix Subscription, but also a brand new Apple TV. Needless to say- Highlight of my trip, possibly of this entire month!

Which brings me to the real topic of this post, my review of the Apple TV and by extension, the Netflix Subscription I won.

I’m a huge Apple fan- have been for years now since my first 2nd Gen iPod.  Their customer service brought me over to the dark side of pretty design and high cost items.  I have an iPhone and Macbook, and would laugh if anyone ever asked me to use Windows.  However, an Apple TV is just something I couldn’t really get into. It’s kind of like my original Sony eReader.  At first I was all like- “No, it’s a waste, I don’t need such a tech object” (hey I may be a geek, but I’m really well balanced when it comes to practicality vs. geek impulses).  And then I loved it. I can say, my Apple TV is like that too!

I’ve had my Apple TV for the past 3 weeks and I am in love.  I know how to hook my Macbook up to my TV, it’s easy and I’ve done it in the past, but honestly this itty bitty box that just looks pretty next to my TV (though my TV is matte and the Apple TV is definitely shiny and pretty- so I may have to upgrade the TV to match, right?) and is even easier to use.  Schatz and I have enjoyed watching Podcasts (German News for me, Nightly News w/ Brian William for Schatz and I), listening to radio stations from Chicago I used to listen to, and last but not least-watching Netflix.  I literally have no complaints about my Apple TV.  It’s beautiful, easy to use, and great for when we kick the cable habit. It’s also been great partnering it with my Photo Stream on my iPhone, to actually be able to enjoy the pictures I take.  Can’t wait until I have kids and can use the TV as an ad hoc picture frame.

A slight note to Macbook users- your Apple TV remote may start to control your Macbook volume and iTunes playback settings.  I’m still trying to figure out how to disable the remote (which I used to use all the time) function on my Macbook, since it’s often on and in the same room at the Apple TV.  I loved using my old Front Row remote from my old white Macbook and was thrilled that it worked on my Pro.  But now, it may be a moot point that needs to be remedied.

On to Netflix: Netflix, you’ve updated your site and I see you’ve added some content.  I wish that you would set up your Apple TV app the same way it works on my iPhone.  I primarily use Netflix to watch TV shows (hello BBC’s Being Human-I finally get to finish watching you).  On the iPhone, you can see all episodes in a series, but on my Apple TV I have to navigate back.  Small complaint, I know, but honestly there’s not much else to complain about. Obviously, I want more content- and the day they can bring me German TV and more German movies streaming (Goodbye Lenin would be a great start) the better.  However, I understand the constraints they have with their negotiating.  Here’s the thing,though, I’m still cautious with Netflix.  I love you Netflix, but when you got a little confused about who you were and what you were doing, I had to get cautious. But I’m looking forward to meeting you again.  I can’t wait to continue exploring my Netflix membership- which was a wonderful gift that I truly appreciate.

It’s been great to be able to stream quality content straight to my TV and I can say it makes the streaming option for movies and TV way more enjoyable and accessible, since I don’t have to set up my computer and then use my iPhone as a remote mouse to control Netflix.  All those things practical Geek Gal scoffed her nose at and said they weren’t a big deal.  But now that I don’t have to do it anymore- Holy Crap, I have to say,  that’s awesome.
All in all, I love my new AppleTV and am very happy to be dating Netflix again. I’ll keep you posted on how I feel after my free trial ends, but in the mean time- I’m happy in TV Series w/out commercial land.

Thanks @SocialLuxe and all of the wonderful sponsors for the party.  It was a fun time and I’m truly grateful to have been able to be an open invite participant. P.S.- that OPI nail polish was rocking!


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