Wine Friday: Rosenblum Cellar-Vintners Cuvée XXXIII Zinfandel, California

I’ve been waiting for it to cool down a bit to bring you a wine that is much better suited to a meal than the porch, with the oommph that a red wine tends to deliver.  Red Wines typically are the worst on my cheeks (making them getting hotter than hot after 2 sips).   Schatz and I were first introduced to this wine at one of our favorite little Italian restaurants.  We’re blessed in our area, that we have so many wonderful Italian families that take pride in the food they cook (from regular old pizza joints) to full blown sit down for a date restaurants.  The owner (who knows us well) recommended we try this bottle, which was on special.  It’s been a favorite since.  We like it a lot,especially accompanying a hand-tossed pizza.

Wine Label-Credit: Roseblum Cellar Website

Winery: Rosenblum Cellars

About the Winery- Rosenblum Cellars is known for being a curator of great Zinfandel from across the California region. Based out of Alameda, CA- they take pride in creating more than 50 different wines each year with more than 50 Zinfandels earning a 90 or more points from Wine Spectator.

Region: California

Cost: $12-15 in store; Online- $12.00

Varietal: 88% Zinfandel  12%Petite Sirah

Winery’s Description:

With rich fruit intensity, our Zinfandel Cuvee XXXIII opens with a mélange of raspberry, plum, and Bing cherry aromas. Sweet mocha and vanilla spices gather around red stone fruits on the medium-bodied palate. The well-balanced acidity and fine tannins showcase the vibrancy of flavors in this accessible wine. A wine suited for all occasions, it pairs well with barbecued meats, pizza or pastas.

What the Geek Gal thinks: I never knew I liked Zinfandel until I was at a wine tasting party several years ago.  Since I first became baffled that Zinfandel could be a red whine (after all, my less than wino mom always referred to her White Zinfandel as just plain Zinfandel), I’ve enjoyed it’s mellow berry flavor- not overly abundant, but a more mellow cherry/raspberry hint.  This particular wine did not disappoint from my fond memories of the much pricier Zins I tried at that tasting.  It can get a little acidic in the middle,  but not in a way that takes away from the body.  A very small amount of oak in the finish gives it a slight velvet vanilla flavor.  Overall, if you don’t want to spend a fortune on a bottle of wine that you’re just grabbing for yourself and an undiscriminating friend, this is a great partner for a lot of meals as we move into fall. It’s also great to keep on hand, since it requires no special treatment (aka- decanting) to enjoy.


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