A Wedding Planning Survival Kit for the Maid of Honors and Wedding CEO

So Pinterst has put some increased expectations on our lives. And we totally can’t help but buy into this, which just makes the epidemic worse.

Because this is what we do…

And the worst place for this epidemic of idea sharing and cute surprises is wedding planning. While it’s made my long distance wedding planning with my friends in the Lone Star state easier, it also has put some expectations in place that really, I hadn’t counted on or had the patience to do entirely properly. I’m referring to the clever ways that brides these days are asking people to be a part of their wedding party. Two weeks ago, I was getting together with my Maid of Honor and Maid of Awesome (the Lone Star Gals), as well as a very good friend I was going to ask to be my Wedding CEO. So, with a week to go, I put together this cute little gift box to give them as an official “please help me with my wedding” gift. I called it a Wedding Planning Survival Kit.

Here’s what you need:

  • Wood Box from Craft Store (cigar boxes are often recommended- I found a box that was a little deeper and had photo frames on top, instead)
  • Sandpaper (to soften rough edges)
  • Color Paint (I choose a metallic black and turquoise based on colors I’m considering for my wedding. I needed 1.5 standard craft paint bottles for the box base color and 1 bottle for the frame and inside.).
  • Paint Brush or Foam Brush (whichever you prefer)
  • Masking/Painters’ Tape to paint around frame

The box looked something like this-

This is what the first coat looked like with the base of the box

After painting the entire box (using several coats, since I didn’t use a base coat in any form), the final outside looked like this:

Ignore the pictures, those were left out to spare my friends…

Inside the box contained:

  • Vitamin C Cough Drops- for health
  • Lip Gloss/balm- for beauty
  • Mini wine bottle- for toasting
  • Travel Aspirin- for headaches
  • Chocolate- for the rough days
  • Hand Sanitizer- for all the people they’ll have to meet
  • Mini Notebook- for the great ideas they’ll have

As seen below, the inside of the box was painted with the accent color, to give it a nice pop of color.

What the inside looked like.

Also inside the notebook, was a little poem I wrote (for the Wedding CEO) and a poem I borrowed for the Maid of Honor and Maid of Awesome. All items were just meant to be a cute reminder that in the upcoming year, we have a lot to do, but I want them to be happy, healthy, and taken care of as well.

We had dinner the first night we got together at my friends house with her family. It was so nice to set the table and put the boxes where each of the girls sat, and watch as they read. The Maids already knew their role, but my Wedding CEO and I had talked about weddings and her understanding that we can’t always have everyone we want in our wedding. So, asking her to be my Wedding CEO (or as she put it after a few drinks that night, “the B*tc* in charge”) was a complete surprised that was definitely increased by the fact that I put this together for her, as I would for the maids.
I’ll put together a nice, day of gift for the girls too, but I have to admit, it was nice to give them a little something since I know they’ve already worked tirelessly to plan my 500 different Pinterest weddings.


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