The Internet Self Corrects

I’m so very happy the internet self-corrects when stupid is unleashed upon it.  It’s one of the reasons I don’t get to up in arms with Anonymous sets out on missions. For the most part- when it reaches that level, you can guarantee there’s some epic level FAIL going on in the world.
But boy, oh boy, is Amazon trolling one of my favorite things to read.  A blogger friend of mine, shared a true gem on Facebook today.

Amazon has a product that is made by BIC (you know, the pen people).  Now how on earth could you make this worth trolling?  I mean, it’s a writing utensil that you use to communicate with.  Surely you can’t find anything worth talking about.

Until you see this:

Why U hate the womens?

Obviously, the internet was not going to let this stupid marketing ploy stand without some great feedback about this remarkable product:

From the well meaning ex-single lady.

The woman who “sees the light”…

And of course, the man’s perspective…

For a good afternoon read, head over to Amazon to view this Maginificent product!

At least we know that the internet will mock this product three ways to Sunday until the marketing folks realize this is silly.
Then again, I should probably get back to the kitchen, since I’m pretty sure my laptop was not created with women in mind- it isn’t pink and sparkly after all.








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