Check your Pinterest account ASAP

I was just sent an email from Pinterest that someone had accessed my account from Brazil.  That’s when Everything clicked into place.

About the time the GoDaddy Servers went down, I had recently pinned a recipe and noticed this in it’s place:

You may have been hacked on Pinterest!

I didn’t think anything of it at the time, I figured somebody may have lost their image hosting when the GoDaddy servers went down.  And then I got the email tonight.  Once I received that email, I realized that this wasn’t just an image hosting issue.  My account had been hacked.  I just spent about 20 minutes (after changing my password) cleaning up my account.  The easiest way- that I’ve found- was to go to my “All Pins” view and look for these sneaky little buggers.

I also made sure to report this to Pinterest (with an attachment of the image above) for their records.  This has been confirmed on a few sites, but it doesn’t look like it’s making a lot of noise yet. Please pass this message on to other bloggers and your readers!


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