Our Guestbook/Engagement Prop

Procrastination and wedding planning struck again.  Although in this case, it really was more related to the fact that ever since I went to Utah to move my  little brother to college, my sinuses have been rioting in epic proportions (thus my radio silence on here) Needless to say, I was sick up until a day before our engagement pictures and had basically an hour to look for something cute to put our Wedding Date on for pictures, since Schatz didn’t want to use the balloon idea I found.

But thankfully, he isn’t a man to shoot down an option without suggesting one.  As he dutifully followed me around Michael’s as I lamented not being able to find a cute chalkboard, or chalkboard markers, or David Tutera to magically transform my wedding- he came up with this brilliant idea. He had me wait in the canvas aisle while he collected wooden numbers and brought them back to me.  And voila- our brilliant engagement picture prop that will be our guestbook when we have our wedding:

Here’s what you need:

We started this project at 8pm the night before our 2pm pictures.  Schatz had the idea to use Spray Paint, and while that worked as a great base coat (to the point I was able to use leftover craft paint from my Bridal Party Survival Kit) it did not work well to cover the canvas and letters with the time we had.  The next morning I was devastated to find out that the spray paint didn’t work.  But with 7 hours to go, I had little choice but to try my leftover craft paint.  It worked marvelously.  We worked together to decide the letter placement and glued it on with our super glue.  This glue was quick drying and extremely adhesive.  We glued those letters about 2-3 hours before this picture was taken, and it turned out!

At the wedding, we’ll use this as a guest book for our guests to sign and in the mean time can put this up in our home.   The project (with a coupon at Michael’s) cost about $30 and looks great in person.

One day, I promise I will stop procrastinating.  But until I get bit in the butt by it, the addiction is knowing that I can get my crap done, as long as I continue to have a great partner in crime!


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