Birth Control- Not just for preventing pregnancy

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Vagina, 1st Amendment Rights, and Religious Freedom

I’ve been trying to avoid politics.  It’s been making me sad and downright upset.  I don’t want to become apathetic, but at this point in the Presidential campaign as well as the place many political fights are at right now, I feel like people have made up their minds, and they are so extremely connected to their opinion, they have no desire to listen.

But more importantly, I’m sad that we are taking so many steps backwards where social rights are concerned.  I’m saddened that we have people who’s parents were immigrants, decrying immigrants to this country today.

But lately, I’m mostly saddened that we are still having conversations about a Woman’s Vagina.  There- I said it, the “V” word.

Which according to Rep. Mike Callton is horrible-

“‘What she said was offensive,” said Rep. Mike Callton, R-Nashville. ‘It was so offensive, I don’t even want to say it in front of women. I would not say that in mixed company.’ – The Detroit News

The comment she made, was so apparently offensive that she was banned the next day from speaking on the floor. What was this comment- so heinous that it should never be spoken in mixed company?   Did she perhaps use the “C” word?

Apparently, Rep. Brown, was speaking up about a bill in the Michigan House, that would seek to add additional restrictions to abortions within the state. Whether you disagree with abortion or not I find it hard to believe that any person could find her statement as offensive as Rep. Callton would make it sound.

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Pay Equity should not be political

I’m bummed and I’m sad.  It should also be noted that I’m not always anti-republican.  I share some common beliefs and think there should still be middle ground.  If you are offended by what I wrote, please try and give a civil debate. However, it should be no surprise to anyone that I’m liberal leaning.  But I don’t think you have to be liberal leaning to support women’s rights.  After all, a paycheck is nothing more than dollar signs on a piece of paper. It shouldn’t matter what your gender, religious leanings, race, or political party is.  Everyone deserves a shot at fair pay for fair work.

It’s a fact that women are still being underpaid compared to their male counterparts by about 77 cents to a dollar. And while there are a lot of arguments for why this occurs, today the Senate tried to pass a bill that would have at least allowed women more freedom to discover what those reasons are, in a safe way, without fear of retaliation.

Instead, we have men, like Mr. Mitch McConnell who will never have to worry about being the main breadwinner in their family, saying things like this:

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell spoke instead on the looming fight over student loan interest rates. Asked if he was concerned about alienating women with the GOP filibuster, the Kentucky Republican said the bill opened the door to more lawsuits against employers.

“We don’t think America suffers from a lack of litigation,” McConnell said. “We have a jobless problem. We have a debt problem. We have a deficit problem. We got a lot of problems. Not enough lawsuits is not one of them.” (CBS News)

Well you know what Mr. McConnel?

I’m sorry that you think that a lawsuit from a woman who is being unfairly compensated isn’t important enough to rank in your file of lawsuits that are worth allowing. I’m sorry that you think it’s excessive. But let me tell you something, as a woman who will likely be the bread winner of her family- It’s majorly important. Epically important. 

Every day that goes by that a woman is compensated less is a day she is earning less Social Security in her retirement, a day she is more worried about whether she can even afford to work when faced with child care costs, a day she is less likely to buy an extra mocha or latte, a day she cancels her hair appointment so she get a new book or food for her children.

Every day Mr. McConnell- women are being asked more and more to contribute to the economy that surrounds them.  But you believe this will lead to frivolous lawsuits. Every day, Mr. McConnell is a day that I am reminded that despite some of the good ideas some Republicans can have, I could never in good conscience vote for one of you.  Not while you think a woman’s right to fair compensation isn’t worth a potential lawsuit. Not while you think you have the write to choose how my uterus should be used, or whether or not my insurance should cover medicine that will give me a choice and also prevent many diseases that plague women.

You know what Mr. McConnell- this country does have a lot of problems and you and the members of your party in the senate are some of the biggest problems women have right now in America.

Women’s Rights- Breastfeeding

I’m not a mom, yet.  And I don’t know if I would ever choose to breastfeed in public.  But that would be my choice. That said, it is extraordinarily frustrating to see women loosing their rights, or capitulating when their rights are questioned.  Whether it is women who is being paid less than she deserves or a woman who is being told she may not breastfeed in public.  I’m glad this woman is going through with her lawsuit.  She’s not asking for compensation, or any type of emotional damage.  Just that her legal fees are covered and that the system re-educate their deputies and other staff.  Check out the video for more information and an interview with the mom herself. Also included in the video is a helpful tip from a Facebook follower of the news channel covering the story- suggestion breastfeeding women carry a copy of the law.  Great suggestion!

What’s even more frustrating, are the comments I’ve seen over at the Huffington Post where I first read this story.   It’s no wonder a young mom feels the need to find justice, when there are still comments like these:

These comments almost frustrate me more than the deputy who asked the woman to stop breastfeeding in public.

Let’s start with the first one.  In some cultures, it is not usual that women not leave the house for 4 weeks after giving birth.  Let’s add onto that, that if she was a new mom- she probably has tried to avoid breastfeeding in public as much as possible.  I’m sure it’s awkward and not necessarily something everyone wants to do.  But let’s move on with that, and talk about the fact that this person assumes that it is the women’s historical heritage that is making her think she deserves a handout.  Nevermind that this woman may be on unpaid maternity leave and is only temporarily seeking help from WIC to provide for her child’s health.

The second one- nothing to reactionary, except the fact that apparently she/he can’t read or listen to a news report.  Since it was clearly stated that she is not seeking any monetary compensation (outside of legal and court fees for starting the injunction process).

The third comment- Yes, apparently women are nutty for wanting to breastfeed their children.  How dare they choose to keep a consistent routine and not give their children artificial nipples.  Yup- we’re all nutty.  (Part of me is hoping this guy is just being sarcastic- but I’m doubtful).

What’s frustrating about these comments are the assumptions that are made, despite this woman being completely within her rights.  It does not matter that she was their for WIC related services, or that she may be from a minority group.  What matters is you have a woman, who is trying to do best by her family.  You have no idea what her situation is (there were 40 shootings last week in Chicago- maybe her husband was caught in cross fire and can’t support them at the moment, maybe she was raped and kept her child like pro-lifers want her to do, or MAYBE IT DOESN’T MATTER!  She was within her legal right to take care of her child in a public place.

How would you like to eat in a bathroom?