The Anthem of my 20’s

Alanis has been in my life, as an artist for as long as I can remember.  My first memory iS of listening to You Oughta Know with my babysitter when I was about 6 or 7 years old. Since that memory,  I’ve grown with her different songs, ranging from Perfect and Not the Doctor and more. 

But in the last few years it’s Hand in my Pocket that I’ve most identified with. The lyrics can be found here.  Personally I love the contradiction of this song. I feel like it mirrors the contradictions one commonly faces in one’s 20’s.  The openness to leave one hand out of you pocket while obe. Hand stays in reminds me of the cautious natu many of us find ourselves in as we grow older and wiser (to both dangers and the possibilities of new ideas and experiences).

Some of my favorite lines include:

I’m broke but I’m happy

I’m sane but I’m overwhelmed

I’m lost but I’m hopeful baby

I’m young and I’m underpaid

I care but I’m restless 

What it all comes down to

Is that everything’s gonna be quite alright


The beauty of this song, is that despite the ups and downs of life at this age,  everything will “be quite alright” when everything pans out.  And that’s another thing I started to take to heart and tried to do, to let things turn out okay. To let go of the worry and just try to trust the process of life.

It’s worked wonders- and that’s why this song  is the Anthem of my 20’s.