Wine Friday: Herdade do Esporão -Monte Velho

Monte Velho White 2011

Similar to a Riesling, I would consider taking this with me to get Sushi or Thai food, as that is when I really enjoy an un-oaked white wine. However, I definitely approve of this wine and it’s price point. You should be able to find it for about $9.99. Continue reading


Wine Friday: Oliver Wine-Soft White

It’s Friday, which means it’s time to start considering what you’re going to bring home tonight to have for dinner. It’s a scorcher here in the Midwest still, so I’m going to recommend a nice chilled Midwest white whine.  Something that will go great with most everything you may be having, including salads, grilled chicken, and pork chops.

Soft WhiteWinery: Oliver Winery

Region: Indiana(Midwest, USA)

Cost: $7.50 online- roughly $9-$10 in store

Varietal (what it’s made with): Niagara Grapes

Winery’s Description:

This semi-sweet wine is luscious and tastes like freshly picked grapes. Remarkably rich and flowery aroma with a long, smooth and satisfying finish. Served chilled, Soft White is delightful when paired with poultry or pork dishes. An excellent accompaniment to fresh fruit, light cheeses or special desserts like rich almond cake!

What the Geek Gal thinks: Schatz first brought this wine  home to me a few months ago.  For those in the Northern Illinois/Southern Wisconsin area, we purchase this typically from Woodman’s Grocery Store. I’ve always been a huge fan of Niagara grapes, since I first tried them in St. Augustine as a child.  If you’ve never tried Niagara grapes or wines, it is a uniquely American grape.  It has a slight muskiness that is appealing in combination with its floral notes. If you are interested in reading another description of Niagara grapes, please check out’s description. There is something about the grape that hits my tongue in just the right way to make me feel like I’m eating a fresh picked grape. While Schatz is not overly fond of wines that are too cloying, we enjoy the slight sweetness of this wine, especially when pared with the earthly flavors of chicken and mushrooms.  This is an amazing chilled wine, especially if you are on a budget.  Don’t be fooled by the price.  This is a great wine for a night in.  It is also a great wine if you are getting together with someone who is not a typical wine drinker.  This is one of my favorite wines to initiate conversation about types of wine to people who swear they would never drink wine.