Love Me or Hate Me

I’m taking Danielle Elwood’s Challenge.  Danielle put together a list of straightforward facts about herself a lot are topics that are typically controversial, especially in the blogging world.

I’ve decided to start my own page for this.  So here’s a bit about me, the facts- not the story:

  • I’m pro-PR/Payment for supporting writing: I work in the internet industry, for a brand.  In my opinion, it is not selling out to accept compensation for your work.  Whether it’s in the form of ads that take up space on your side rail or sponsored posts.  I believe selling out has more to do with a loss of your soul and ethical opinions than it does to receiving some payment for doing what you love.
  • Schatz and I live together: Yup before marriage.  It’s not because we don’t value marriage, it’s simply because we’re too practical.  In our situation it made more sense to move in with each other when we were engaged, to maximize our time together (with my two hour commute- it’s difficult), as well as minimize our living expenses.
  • I’m a Liberal Christian: I will rant and rave here about women’s rights and other subjects you may not see traditional Christians speak of.  While I do try to avoid delving into these topics too often, you can occasionally find posts that will challenge the view that you have of Christians.
  • I swear too: I don’t believe that swear words are anything more than a word of emphasis and express emotions.  I don’t believe it is a sin to swear.  I try to tone it down in writing, but in person, you can expect to potentially hear a swear word here or there.
  • I love Chic-Fil-A: Yup, you heard me right. I like their chicken. And they employ people who need jobs.  Will I boycott a local Chic-Fil-A (or other local business) if they are rude or discriminate towards anyone?  Yes. But will I write off a whole company based on a few individuals, despite their wealth- nope.  Capitalism is a bitchy (see above) system.  I dislike it for a lot of reason, but I can’t deny it’s ability to give people jobs.  I hate that it also gives a few on top, money enough to wield political power, but alas- another topic for another time.
  • I’m Pro-Gay Marriage: While marriage can have religious blessings and is an important covenant, I don’t believe the legal rights to inheritance and benefits under the civil law system should be denied to couples in a committed relationship. In the USA it also serves as a civil protection for two people entering into a contract that binds property, responsibility, and civic service.  I don’t believe religious institutions should be required to carry out religious marriage ceremonies against their beliefs, just as I don’t expect them to push their beliefs into the Constitution.
  • I’ll probably be a working mom: As much as I’d love to stay home with Schatz and I have kids, I doubt that will be in our cards.  We both come from modest means, and I’m still paying off student loans.  It’s unlikely that we’ll be able to make that sacrifice.  On the flip side, I can appreciate the strength my mom had to work while being a mom. It made me appreciate her strength and her individuality outside of us as her children.
  • I’m Pro-Choice: Being pro-choice does not me I want to drive women to get abortions. What it means, to me, is that every woman should have the right to adequate education about their body, how to protect it, how to manage their sexual life to avoid or become pregnant, and have a support system that will help them regardless of their choice.  Personally, this translate into a hope that all women will have access to birth control, especially since Birth Control often is subscribed for medical needs and to prevent certain conditions like ovarian cancer.  I also believe churches who adamantly protest against abortion should put much more money into education preconception, prenatal, and postnatal care. Including more funding for children who are given up for adoption. Until we see more growth in these areas, I have a hard time telling a woman, especially one who has had horrific circumstances cause her pregnancy, that she should be forced to keep the child without a support system that would help care for it.
  • I’m a geek: I love Show-tunes and Computers.  I’m probably not the blog to come to, if you want the latest style trend as seen by the people of Vogue and Glamour. However, I do like fashion and pretty stuff.  I just don’t do it a lot to myself. When I do, and I find something I like- you know it’s simple and easy to use. Nothing fussy here.
  • I’m a wino: Which is really just the equivalent of being a geek for wine.  I love wine.  I’m famous for saying there are very few wines I can’t be friends with, and even fewer I haven’t at least been happy to make their acquaintance.
  • I’m still learning: I’m still learning how to to this. I may or may not be the best blogger you’ve met.  My Pictures are still developing, but I’m constantly trying.

What do you think?

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